Fees & Policies



My fee for 50 minute therapy sessions is $175. When scheduling allows I recommend sixty minutes for the initial session and charge the same fee. Longer sessions are often recommended for EMDR and are prorated accordingly. Payment is requested at the time of each session for in person and remote sessions unless otherwise discussed. If a balance exceeds two sessions we may need to discuss pausing therapy for the time being or explore other avenues. I accept payment in the form of cash, check or paypal before or at the time of your session.  My rate increases periodically in accordance with industry standards and average cost of living changes, though no more than annually. I will give you a minimum of one month’s notice of any fee changes.


I am a participating provider with Alameda Alliance. For clients who have a PPO with mental health benefits I can provide a monthly statement to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please note that a diagnosis (from the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders/DSM) is typically required in order to comply with insurance reimbursement. The reason for this is most insurance companies require therapy be of medical necessity in order to justify coverage. I am happy to explain more about what that means and address any questions to the best of my ability. When working together I will be transparent with you about my working diagnosis. Though there is an assessment element to my work it is important for me to note that my orientation strays from a pathological model. I can offer a diagnosis to aid in the assistance of financial reimbursement, but I do not subscribe to a medical model of dysfunction as far as how I actually work with you and see you. I aim to learn about symptoms and stressors, how they affect you and the wealth of reasons they arise. Ultimately I lean toward a strength based and humanizing perspective rather than one that sees through a lens of fault, deficiency and the categorization of normalcy.  Though I aim to check any personal agenda I might have in order to better see, understand and support your particular path, I do own a wish to help de-stigmatize you and your presenting concerns. To support and open to a deep welcoming of you as you are, wholy complete, even if you might feel crazy, broken, inadequate, not good enough, or some other form of distress unraveling. This is how I aim to sit in my seat as your therapist and invite that unfolding within you.

Reduced Rates

It is my wish that psychotherapy be available to all with a need and desire. I am saddened and frustrated by the habitual stigmatization of emotions and de-centering of mental health. This lack of seeing health as a human right, with health including the mind/heart, results in diminished resources for therapy, amongst other health related services, relegating it to auxiliary support or for those with certain financial resources. I regret the fact that I may be included in this paradigm given my fee and limited lower fee openings. I reserve as many lower fee openings in my practice for new clients as is possible to support my practice in maintaining itself. Unfortunately this does not correspond to many.  I employ some leeway with current clients if they experience a sudden financial change resulting in an inability to pay my full fee. If you are at some point paying on a sliding scale due to financial hardship and your income increases we will discuss an adjustment to your fee. If at some point we are unable to continue working together due to finances I will be happy to provide assistance with referrals if you wish to find other therapy options. I encourage you to bring forth any monetary concerns regarding your fee should they arise.


Cancellation Policy

I treat the time we schedule for your session as your regularly occurring appointment time. I believe in the benefits of consistent and regular meetings. My hope is for you and I to stick to this time as best we can. If I have scheduling conflicts I will give you as much notice as possible and request that you do as well. Like other relationships this frequency supports a thread of continuity and connectedness between us and the particulars of the themes we are exploring. I find that the consistent schedule itself can be like a frame or a sturdy structure that can contribute to feelings of security and safety in navigating sometimes difficult topics.  At a minimum I request 48 hours notice and charge your fee for missed sessions with less notice. Realizing life is what it is with unanticipated last minute changes I make an effort to offer same week reschedules if I have the availability and only charge for the session that occurred. Because I have a full schedule and there can at times be a greater demand for therapy I offer my times to people who are able to come to therapy regularly. If there are repeated cancellations and missed sessions it may make sense for us to consider whether we are a fit for each other at the time being.